Exclusive Basketball

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Our Service

No matter the situation, Exclusive Sports Group has been there before.  You can remain confident that all of your concerns will be immediately addressed and that we will provide you with the proper guidance regarding your long-term career:

  • Free Agency

  • Injuries

  • Timing of Surgeries

  • Allocation to the NBA G-League

  • NBPA Escrow

  • Obtaining Disability Insurance

  • Generating Interest from Other Teams

  • Contract Buy-Outs

  • Reporting to Vet Camp

  • Summer League

At Exclusive Sports Group our approach is simple: “To promote your abilities giving you maximum exposure to professional teams.” We work hard to give you every opportunity to receive a guaranteed contract offer. We have the knowledge and experience to negotiate the highest possible compensation for you.


We are:

  • Well informed of the opinions and analysis of teams, scouts, coaches, and owners

  • Knowledgeable in improving status with NBA teams

  • Aware of the most accurate and up-to-date information on available opportunities

  • Prudent in maximizing your marketability and long-term earnings potential

Our agents are experts in the business of basketball and are well prepared to help you move from the collegiate to the professional level. Whatever questions you may have – regarding the NBA Draft, Invitational Games, Pre Draft Camps, Summer Leagues, NBA, and International Teams – Exclusive Sports Group can answer them.

Exclusive Sports Group is not a “placement agency”. Rather, we build continuing and ultimately, lifelong relationships with our athletes. We believe it is important to help you understand the transition process– from the conclusion of a collegiate career to the beginning of a professional career – and continue to offer guidance as your career progresses. When we obtain an offer from a European or other Overseas teams, our team of agents offer ongoing advice about the business realities of international basketball, including pensions, savings, and salaries. We also ensure that you are mentally and emotionally prepared for cultural differences you will encounter.