Exclusive Sports Group understands what it takes for an athlete to succeed in the NFL, both on and off of the field. When a client joins our family, he receives a personally tailored game plan geared towards the next level and beyond. From pre-Combine training regiments, to a proven contract negotiation philosophy, to media and endorsement initiatives, Exclusive Sports Group addresses all aspects of your career. 

Additionally, our representation extends beyond a client’s playing days to ensure he and his family are secure both professionally and financially. As President/CEO Buddy Baker is one of roughly fifteen contract advisors to hold a seat on the NFL Players Association Advisory Committee, our knowledge with regard to the Collective Bargaining Agreement and salary cap is second to none. Among many achievements, ESG has used this in-depth understanding to:  

  • Negotiate a $26.6 million contract off of the franchise tag; a deal which included the second-highest amount of guaranteed money in NFL history at the safety position.
  • Revolutionize performance-based pay, becoming the first agency in history to implement cumulative playtime bonuses and escalators into NFL contracts. Attention to detail and a thorough approach to an athlete’s overall well-being has gained Exclusive Sports Group widespread respect throughout the industry, including that of NFL executives and the NFL Players Association. Moreover, we exhibit such work traits on behalf of every client regardless of the situation at hand.
  • Secure one of the most lucrative deals in NFL history relative to games started at $4.275 million per start