Post Career

The end of your on-field or on-court career does not have to mean your involvement with the game is over. Exclusive Sports Group will help you secure opportunities at NFLPA coaching camps, Broadcast Bootcamp (media training initiative offered by the NFLPA) and the National Collegiate Scouting Association.

In addition to these programs, we utilize our contacts in the industry to help you gain experience in any non-sports related sector which may pertain to your interests.

Creating a Prosperous Future For You and Your Family

At Exclusive Sports Group, we will not manage your money. Rather, with the assistance of selective, third-party financial advising firms, we will arrange counsel so that you may make well-informed decisions to ensure you and your family monetary security.

Our financial advising partners are certified by the NFLPA and must pass a 5-step screening process to confirm they are acting independently. You will want a financial advisor possessing experience in 17-week salaries, savings plans and retirement funds, among other areas.

At Exclusive Sports Group we provide every opportunity to ensure not just a successful playing career, but a successful life off of the field and in the future.


ESG Client and Super Bowl XLI Champion Aaron Moorehead is the new wide receivers coach at Virginia Tech. Prior to becoming the Hokies’ receivers coach, he held the same position at Stanford and helped lead the Cardinal to two Bowl Championship Series wins in three straight appearances.